Sleep ...  Relaxation ...  Reflection ...  Stress Management ...  Patience ...  Focus ...
Self-Esteem ...  Hope ...  Happiness ...  Motivation ...  Playfulness ...  Creativity ...
Sadness ...  Anger ...  Emotional Pain ...  Asking Why ...  Life Transitions ...  Healthy Families

The Mood Bank

Music and psychology: Music does affect your mood! In fact, music can help with personal change! These CDs combine music and psychology so you can improve life, work on life goals, or just change your mood! The Mood Bank offers 18 different CDs: 6 for calming down; 6 to boost moods up; and 6 to promote emotional health. You can buy just one, several, or the entire set!

What each CD offers: Each CD contains instrumental Classical music, carefully selected to promote a specific mood or atmosphere for change. The printed material on the insert is priceless! It has strategies and tips, an accumulation of years of training and experience by family therapists.

CD1: help for insomnia; how to sleep good. CD2: music for relaxing. CD3: music for journaling/reflecting. CD4: coping skills/stress mgmt. CD5: how to have patience. CD6: increase concentration and focus; ADD & ADHD tips. CD7: self-esteem building. CD8: depression help when you need hope; address negative thought. CD9: gratefulness; music for happiness. CD10: how to stop procrastination. CD11: add playfulness to your life. CD12: become creative; functions of the right brain. CD13: moving past sadness; help with grieving process. CD14: help with anger control. CD15: getting in touch with psychological pain and letting go. CD16: asking why; growth, personal and spiritual. CD17: adjusting to changes in life. CD18: skills in parenting; relationship advice; music of Mozart.

How it works: Now you can read about, plan your strategies, and make personal changes while listening to music intended to provide an atmosphere for your selected mood! The CDs can also help improve life or address life goals. The CDs can also work well with therapy; using music in therapy can enhance personal change. Emotional health is important as we move through the ups and downs of life!

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Volume 1:
Calming Down

CD1. Sleep
CD2. Relaxation
CD3. Reflection
CD4. Stress Mgmt
CD5. Patience
CD6. Focus
      (60 beats/min)
Volume 2:
Boosting Up

CD7.   Self-Esteem
CD8.   Hope
CD9.   Happiness
CD10. Motivation
CD11. Playfulness
CD12. Creativity

Volume 3:
Emotional Health

CD13. Sadness
CD14. Anger
CD15. Emotional Pain
CD16. Asking Why
CD17. Life Transitions
CD18. Healthy
           Families (Mozart)

(Disclaimer: The use of this product does not constitute a therapist/client relationship. This is not professional counseling and does not guarantee any changes. Any changes that do (or do not) occur, positive or negative, are the full responsibility of the user. This is intended to provide general information and not specific advice. You should consult with a professional before treating your condition. The Mood Bank is not responsible for any losses, damages, or claims that may result. If symptoms interfere with day-to-day activities, or if you have thoughts to hurt yourself or someone else, seek professional help immediately.)